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Sunday, September 24, 2017
Thom Fiorini
Thom Fiorini

Systems Engineer, CNE, MCSE, CSSA, DCAT, A+

Thom started using computers in high school in the late seventies and by the mid 1980s was writing small databases for his employers. In 1992, he struck out on his own and began servicing servers, PCs, and networks for a variety of small businesses. Thom later earned his CompTIA A+ certification, followed by Novell’s® CNE in NetWare™ versions 3.x & 4.x. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft® began offering a certification program and Thom earned his MCSE in Windows NT™ 3.51 and 4.0. He has also earned his CSSA with SonicWALL, has maintained his standing certifications, and has extended his NetWare™ certification to versions 5.x and 6.x.

Through the years, Thom has enjoyed working with his clients and helping them accomplish their information technology goals. To this day, his favorite part of his work is meeting with clients and helping solve their technology problems by developing innovative solutions.

Jon Miller
Jon Miller

Senior Support Engineer, DCAT, A+

Jon’s interest in computers began at a very young age. Though originally attracted by games, he became increasingly comfortable maneuvering his way around software in general. As years passed and through regular use of computers, he began to grow more interested in the technology itself.

As a young teen, he began researching and building his own computers. In later years he knew he wanted to pursue working in the IT field and proceeded to get his Associate of Science degree as a Microcomputer Specialist from Springfield Technical Community College. During that time, he worked with various individuals in the area repairing systems, as well as working as a subcontractor for a local IT consultant. He then earned his CompTIA A+ certification for computer technicians before joining the team at Ichthys.

Joshua Dayton
Joshua Dayton

Support Technician, CSSA, DCAT, A+

Joshua has been surrounded by computer technology since he was introduced to the 1983 computer his father had used for graduate school. He has since worked with every generation of technology out of hobby and personal interest, gaining skills with software and familiarity with hardware internals. He has always enjoyed developing the unique problem-solving methods that computers demand, but did not consider the professional opportunities this interest could provide until later in life. Before joining Ichthys, he earned his CompTIA A+ certification in IT. He has since earned DCAT certification with Datto and CSSA certification with SonicWALL, and is looking forward to expanding his knowledge further in the many areas that the Ichthys team works in.

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