Information Technology Services for Small & Medium Businesses

Ichthys can work alongside your IT staff, serve as your complete IT provider or anything in between. From consulting and overseeing to engineering, we’ll fit your company’s IT needs from concept to completion.

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Geeks with a Personality

“I never lie. This system that Ichthys IT built for my campaign gave us the edge we needed over Douglas.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Every website homepage should have something ridiculous on it.” - Abraham Lincoln

“We never would have won the War Between the States without the team at Ichthys IT Services.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Ichthys will work with you and help you with all your IT needs. I may be just a floating head, but they are real people.” - Abraham Lincoln

“When I was boy, messages were delivered by pigeons. Ichthys IT has a better way. Get an information infrastructure that beats flying birds any day.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Recently, my wife, Mary, lost her laptop. Ichthys IT was able to recover all of her open-fire recipes without any problem.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Remember, an end-user is a fellow human being.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Ichthys set up voice recognition for me so I could easily text General Grant during battles.” - Abraham Lincoln

“All my computer passwords are 'IDontRemember' so when someone asks what my password is, I don’t have to lie.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Online debate forums are a wonderful invention.” - Abraham Lincoln

“They don’t make computers like they used to.” - Abraham Lincoln