Josh S.

Support Technician, Accounting Clerk
With Ichthys Since 2021

Joshua is responsible for the accounting and bookkeeping duties at Ichthys, but he has taken on a support technician role as well. He has completed his Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Springfield Technical Community College and is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Massachusetts. Joshua chose to study finance because he likes the processes and problem solving that are associated with business. Throughout his time at Ichthys, he has earned the CompTIA A+ certification and is working to further his knowledge in the field of IT and business management.

His interest in computers and technology stems from their usefulness in everyday life and an enjoyment in learning how systems work. In his spare time, Josh enjoys puzzles and board games. He has competed in Cubing Competitions, regularly solving the Rubik’s cube in under 20 seconds, with a personal best of 9 seconds. Now that’s a "WOW!".

Here’s another "WOW!". Josh has held the title of Employee of the Month from his first day of employment, and continues his reign, holding off all competition as the rest of the team diligently tries to dethrone him!


Jon Miller

Senior Support Engineer
With Ichthys Since 2007

Jon grew up in a household with technology. While he learned the basics of computing and the interest in it from his dad, much of what he knew during that time was self-taught. His first experience networking two computers came at the age of 10, and his first time building a PC came at 15. As years passed and as his knowledge grew, he became the "guy who everyone asked for help".

After high school, it was a natural progression to go onto studying at Springfield Technical Community College where he earned his Associate's Degree in the field. Shortly after earning he completed his studies at STCC, he became a subcontractor for a local IT consultant. This job was the springboard for his employment with Ichthys IT Services.

In 2007, he obtained his CompTIA A+ certification for computer technicians and proceeded to join Ichthys shortly thereafter.  With the uncanny talent to find the needle in a haystack, Jon’s ability to get to the very root of an issue is unmatched.  Because he is so technically adept, his knowledge of our clients’ systems is surpassed by none and he has become a master of his craft.  After more than 15 years at Ichthys, he has earned the accolades and trust of all of our clients.

In his personal time, Jon enjoys spending time with his cat, exercising and staying active.  He even competed a marathon in 2016 (but not with his cat).  As a side note, in Jon’s first two weeks of employment, he secretly recorded his boss in the office loudly singing "If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands", and subsequently shared it with his friends at a party telling them that "this is my new boss".

Tony Gasperini

Senior Systems Analyst
With Ichthys Since 2018

Anthony dismantled his first computer at the age of 14. Since then, his interests in computers and how they work has only grown. He attended college at Westfield State University earning his BS in Computer Information Systems in 2002. Anthony has worked in many different aspects of IT with a focus on programming and database technologies and joined Ichthys IT in 2018. Outside of work, Anthony enjoys time with his family and being outdoors. He was even awarded "Foster Parent of the Year" in 2019 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (The award even came with a snow cone machine for the family…for reals! Gotta love the State. 😊)

Joshua Dayton

Joshua Dayton

Senior Support Engineer
With Ichthys Since 2016

Joshua has been immersed in computer technology since being introduced to the 1983 Radio Shack computer that his father had used for graduate school. A tinkerer at heart, he's never satisfied just leaving things be, and is always looking for ways to customize and improve any process in which he is involved in. Computers proved to be the ideal outlet for this drive, and he grew up by familiarizing himself with the inner-workings of systems and software.

He developed his professional knowledge through certification with Microsoft (MCSE), CompTIA (Network+, Security+), Datto (DCAT), and  SonicWall (CSSA). Since becoming a part of Ichthys in 2016, Joshua has been motivated to maintain the spirit of excellence, collaboration, and genuine service he found in the team he joined.

In his spare time, Joshua enjoys photographing nature while hiking with his dog, teaching Sunday School, and spending time at home with his wife and two young daughters. He also is a CRAZY good karaoke singer and blew away his wife at their wedding with an Elvis song…for reals!

Thom Fiorini

Systems Architect / Owner
With Ichthys Since Jesus Was In Diapers

Thom graduated from Springfield Technical Community College in 1983 with an AS in Laser Electro Optics. The computer industry was in its infancy at the time, but growing rapidly. Being employed in a high-tech field, Thom became engaged in PC use from the very start. He began using PCs on a very regular basis and started writing small databases.

By 1992, Thom had made the shift from the high-tech field of electro-optics to the world of computers as the networking of computer systems began to explode. He returned to school, earned multiple industry certifications, and then started Ichthys IT Services. In the early days, Thom managed both the technical and administrative areas of the business himself. However, it did not take long before he needed to add staff to meet the demands of the growing client base.

With more than thirty years of experience, Thom has seen many changes in the IT industry, with undoubtedly more to come. With the assembly of an excellent team of people to meet the clients’ wide variety needs, he has always tried to stay one step ahead of the industry’s constant changes (futile as such an attempt may seem!).

Thom is married and is the father of three wonderful, adult children scattered across the globe.  He also finds himself to be a friend of Jesus and seeks to follow Him faithfully (though he unfortunately fails quite often). He enjoys SCUBA diving, board games, tavern puzzles, hunting, fishing, day-hiking, and doing projects around the house (but don’t tell his wife 😊).